Your Movoto Real Estate Team

We have built a dedicated team to help you along your way. The team consists of six individuals with a real estate background to be able to answer any questions you might have or steer you in the right direction for success. Please take a moment to view their Linkedin profiles and add their email addresses to your contact list for easy reference. 

Brett Stratton

Brett Stratton VP of Real Estate Operations

Gina Landis Sr. Brokerage Operations Manager

Monica Villanueva Agent Success Manager

Kirby DelaCruz Director of Business Operations & Compliance

Susan Wright Senior Broker Operations Specialist

Movoto - Making Real Estate Easy

Movoto gives our agents an edge using the latest technology trends so they can focus on what matters most—their clients.

Agents are at the heart of Movoto’s success as a brokerage, and not only do we hire the most experienced agents with proven track records, we provide them with the latest technology to ensure that they can focus on their clients.  

We’re proud to call ourselves a technology company as well as a real estate company. All our agents are powered by the latest client communications tools, market information, AI technology, and a real team of dedicated marketers, transaction coordinators, and data scientists dedicated to ensuring every transaction is a success.  

We’re looking to the future. Our goal is to become the number one real estate company in California by hiring the best, most experienced agents and arming them with the technology and support to make them successful. Using the latest data-driven AI technology coupled with a dedicated agent support team, Movoto is building the NEW future of real estate.