Movoto Social Sphere

Your friends are just the tip of the iceberg. Harness the power of your entire social sphere to connect with new clients.

Social Sphere Networking Client Connections

Every agent knows the value of reaching their network of friends, family, and past clients to grow their business. Working off the theory that we’re all connected by just six degrees of separation, Movoto created Social Sphere. Now it’s easier than ever to tap into your social network to find new clients who are linked to you by trusted loved ones and satisfied past clients.  

Social Sphere lets you instantly share your listed properties, map searches of your specialty areas, and your profile and areas of expertise to your entire network across all your digital platforms. Share a listing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and more at the touch of a button and watch the network effect take hold, amplifying your visibility to all the people who are just a few degrees of separation away. Plus, every time you share using Social Sphere, your agent profile is featured prominently on the property or search listing page and any client connection created is yours to keep. Connect with over 400,000+ daily visitors on who are looking to buy or sell a home by unlocking the power of your Social Sphere.

Start Using Now

  • Log into the Movoto Agents app with your credentials.
  • Click on Inventory icon in the lower menu.
  • To share map search results, search the city or zipcode you are interested in. When the results are produced, click on the blue "+" icon to share with your digital channels, clients, and friends.
  • To share property detail information, click on the property you are interested in. Then click the blue "+" button on the lower right to share with your digital channels, clients, and friends.
  • When a new client connection is formed, they will be directly connected with you!


  • Share Mapsearch & Property information to your Social Sphere.
  • Get prominent visibility on from those who interact with your shared content.
  • Track interactions with the Movoto App.
  • Generate new client connections with Social Sphere.
Movoto Social Sphere