50 Reasons to Follow Up With Your Clients

Use these simple steps to adhere to best practices that lead to your real estate success.

Best Practices Quick Tips Client Connections

Follow-up that creates value is critical in the early phase of the home buying process. Your aim is to build rapport and become your client’s go-to person. Whenever you send information to a client, always follow up with a “Did you get it?” call.

In General

1. Touch base with them.
2. If you know that they or a family member has been sick, in a car accident or lost their job, check-in with them to see if they’re OK and to show that you care.
3. (If lost job) Ask what they’re looking for and let them know you will keep your eyes open.
4. Ask if they would like you to send links to properties of interest.
5. Call for feedback on properties that you’ve sent.
6. Check to see if their time frame for buying has changed.
7. Reconfirm what they’re looking for.
Comment on their recent activity on Movoto.
9. Ask to show a property they have visited several times on Movoto.
10. Set up a meeting to: 

  • Meet with a lender
  • Review the home buying process
  • Explain how you will work with them
  • Look at full MLS data
  • Go over financing options
  • Free buyer consultation
  • Map out neighborhoods
  • Etc.

11. Reconfirm their motivation for moving.
12. Set expectations about how you like to work with clients. Send them your agent brochure.
13. Mention a recent article about their employer or what they do for a living.
14. Call and ask if they have any special needs that you can investigate for them.
15. Ask about their experiences with past agents.

Buying Process

16. Ask if they know how they want to purchase.
17. Explain the process of buying a home. Send information about the steps.
18. Offer to give them blank contract forms to review.
19. Explain how inspections and property repairs work when they make an offer.
20. Reconfirm “must-have” and “like to have” features in the home they might buy.
21. Discuss long term goals for the home they want to purchase (e.g. staying or leaving long or short term).
22. (If this is a first purchase) Invite them in for an information session on what to expect.
23. Offer to show them how to use Movoto.com features like favorite homes, save searches or offer to do the searching for them and place properties in interest in their Favorites and alerts.
24. Suggest they drive by specific homes. You can also let them know you've driven by some homes and ask if they'd like to see them.
25. Offer to get condo docs or other restrictions.
26. Notice changes in or additional saved searches. Verify if their parameters have changed.


27. See if they have met with a lender for if they would like you to set up a phone conference/meeting with one.
28. Explain a FICO score on a credit report.
29. Ask if they would be interested in repairing or improving their credit report. Send them a link or information to assist.
30. Inform them about financing trends, including rates, down payment, and mortgage insurance.
31. Discuss changes in the financing market that might affect them.
32. Tell them about new financing programs that might be of interest (e.g., first-time home buyer programs, bond programs, down payment assistance, etc.)
33. See if they would like you to send a mortgage calculator.
34. Ask if they would like to have a payment calculator to use.

Neighborhood & Market Data

35. Inquire about neighborhoods they are searching in and ask what attracted them to those specific ones. Send them neighborhood information.
36. Tell them about other neighborhoods that have similar amenities to where they are looking.
37. Tell them about alternate neighborhoods close to where they work.
38. Ask if they would like a market analysis on a favorite property.
39. Talk about how interest rates are going up or down.
40. Educate them on the market and then follow up with information or links to articles. 41. Explain the buyer’s and seller’s markets. Highlight each market’s impact on their offer price and the number of offers they can expect to make.
42. Tell them about where to access crime stats on properties of interest.
43. Ask if they would like any info on youth sports, hobbies, points of interest, daycare, parks, golf courses, churches, hospitals, or any other appropriate needs or interests. Verify their children’s ages.
44. Give them transportation information for homes they have viewed on Movoto.com. 45. Inform them about clubs or groups of interest in the area where they are looking. 46. Inform them about special events in areas in which they have an interest.

Special Interests

If a Renter:
47. Ask if you can touch base from time to time.
48. Verify how long their lease is or will be.

If a Seller:
49. Verify if they have a house to sell. Offer to do a market analysis.
50. Discuss when is the best time to sell your home.

If an Investor:
51. Go over investment criteria so you can be proactive in helping them find a property that fits their parameters.
52. Ask if they are interested in information on the 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges.