How Technology Enables Social Distancing Without Sacrificing Client Connection

Social distancing is forcing many to be creative which is helping to increase client relationships and their business.

Social Sphere Movoto Profile COVID-19 Social Distancing

During this trying time, it has become increasingly clear that a tech-enabled real estate agent is a prepared real estate agent. With increasing government measures to maintain safe social distancing and avoid unnecessary outdoor exposure in an effort to control the spread of Coronavirus, a strong technology platform that keeps you digitally connected to your clients is essential right now. 

Any agents who have been hesitant to make technology a pivotal part of their business should take this opportunity to get acquainted with the important tech tools that can help them continue to work during this time, and have lasting benefits for their business when things return to normal.

Here are two simple ways Movoto agents can utilize technology to continue to connect with clients while COVID-19 social distancing measures are in place, and beyond. 

Maintain Face-to-Face Connections with Video

Every tech-enabled agent counts a smartphone and often a tablet as part of their toolbox. Now is the perfect time to put these tools to good use. Apple FaceTime, Google Duo, Slack, Skype, and Zoom are just some of the free video calling tools you can use to make sure you’re giving your clients the attention they need during this stressful time. Schedule video meetings, which are more personal than phone calls or text messages, to update your clients about your continued efforts, what the current reality means for their goals, and simply connect and check in on their health and wellbeing. 

Beyond one-on-one video calls, use your device to film regular live videos. Whether it’s information about what’s happening in your neighborhood, explaining what zero percent interest means for lending, or simply posting informational videos about real estate buying and selling basics, you can position yourself as someone who is knowledgeable about the market. If it’s safe to visit the properties you are listing, share video walkthroughs in lieu of open houses and post live video showing off the unique features of the property that the listing might not do justice (and disinfect doorknobs and surfaces while you’re at it!). Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live are perfect for sharing these types of videos with your followers.

Connect with Your Social Circle 

With the Movoto Agent App, you can utilize the Social Sphere feature to instantly share your listings and popular map searches in your area as well as feature your agent profile as a direct line of contact for any interested parties. If just one of your followers of friends shares your post, you’re reaching an entirely new circle of social contacts. Use this time to make sure you’re connecting with your network via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other platform that lets you share links. 

While technology tools are particularly helpful in maintaining connections during these trying times, agents should utilize technology to help their business on an everyday basis. Offering video tours and live streams of properties, sharing new listings with your network, and keeping current and prospective clients in the know about yourself and the market are ways to ensure you’re reaching the widest audience. 

Let Movoto and the power of technology keep the momentum going on your business, and help it grow to become even more successful in the future.