How To Use Movoto’s Social Sphere To Help Grow Your Business

This step-by-step guide will show you how to grow your reach with Movoto’s new Social Sphere tool.

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You’ve heard the saying that everyone in the world is linked by just six degrees of separation. Thanks to the prevalence of social media, the world has shrunk even more, but how can you fully utilize the power of these connections? How can you reach the tremendous network of second and third degree connections that are at your fingertips?

Unlocking the Power of Your Connections

Movoto’s team has worked with our current agents to create a tool that makes it even easier for agents to market themselves and connect with potential clients using their existing network of friends and family. With the new Social Sphere tool on the Movoto Agent App, agents can instantly share their listings, property details, and map searches of the areas they represent. By regularly sharing this type of useful information with your current social circle, you open up visibility about your business to friends, friends of friends, and beyond, while building your own unique brand.

How to Make Your Social Sphere Work for You

Reaching more people through your social networks is easier than ever with the Movoto Agent App.

To share your listing or property detail page:

  • Search for the listing you want to share in the “Inventory” tab of the Movoto Agent App.
  • When you have found the property you’d like to share, click on it.
  • From the property details page, click the blue "+" button on the lower right.
  • Select the digital channel you would like to share it on using Social Sphere.

To share map search results:

  • Search for the city, neighborhood, or ZIP code you are interested in sharing in the "Inventory" tab of the Movoto Agent App.
  • When the results appear, click on the blue "+" button on the lower right.
  • Select the digital channel you would like to share it on using Social Sphere.

Your agent profile will appear with every share you post. When you form a client connection through your Social Sphere shared links, your profile information is shown as the direct form of contact. This gives you direct client connections and more profile visibility for increased business. 

Your Own Personal Marketing Manager 

If your growth has started to plateau, you can utilize the connections in your social network to unlock a new level of marketing. Increase your brand awareness simply and effectively and make your name the first thing anyone in your social network thinks of when they’re ready to buy or sell a home in your metro area. Increasing your exposure to your direct connections means they will be more likely to recommend you to anyone they know who is looking for an agent. And once you’re connected to a potential client, you can foster that connection through a more personable medium like social media to promote trust and give your business an even more personal touch. 

Download the Movoto Agent App and unlock the power of your Social Sphere today!