Barry Jenkins - 10/25/2023

Barry Jenkins runs one of the most successful real estate teams in the country in Virginia Beach. He is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book Too Nice for Sales. He spends his day-to-day with a dual focus on his 100-agent team and also as the Head Realtor in Residence at the innovative digital marketing firm Ylopo.


Take on the position of a passionate and curious teacher. Make your clients feel heard and compliment them. When clients tell me that they're waiting a year to purchase, I like to say: "I am super impressed that you are planning things out for a year from now. It sounds like you're taking this process seriously. I don't even know what I am having for dinner tonight; do you normally plan a year in advance?" The first step is to compliment their objection, then ask them how or what. How did you decide to wait a year? What made you decide to wait a year? Avoid questions asking why. When you advocate for education and for meeting with them in person, you become someone they trust.

"If you find yourself calling leads consistently and you aren't making any money off of those leads, stop being selfish and thinking about people not liking you."

Consumers are left to their own devices and Google when you don't insert yourself as the expert. Start being their professor and listening to them in the same way that your doctor does. When you feel nervous or scared, have courage. Courage is the decision to do something while you are afraid. We have to decide to be courageous enough to be uncomfortable to call clients. When you take on the role of a strong leader, they are going to listen. Being too nice for sales also impacts being too nice for follow up.

"Hey I have two things to tell you about your home search. Give me a call back."

Set the expectation that when they call you back, they can just receive from you. Texting is going to get a higher response rate for the call. Connecting with clients is about mindset and how you approach the problem.

The best questions are indirect, and they surface conversation to connect: "Hey, I'm sure you're not quite ready to buy. What would you like to change about where you currently live?" Effectively lead your consumers down the path of self-discovery, and effectively grow your opportunities as a result. Be curious about where they are coming from. Seek to understand them. When you do this, you become the right person to be their real estate agent.

"The biggest nice thing you can do for your consumers (outside of the DoorDash mentality) is to sit in your discomfort and lead them for the first few minutes of the call. It's compassionate to feel them not want to talk to you and still be a strong leader in the presence of it."

Take the fear and the pressure out of the situation. Get them to see what their money can buy them.