Chris Suarez - 9/27/2023

Chris Suarez is the co-founder of PLACE, a real estate technology platform that partners with the top 20% of agents and teams by helping expand their profitability, value proposition to the consumer, and grow their unique local brand, all without having to leave the brokerage where they are currently affiliated. PLACE launched in February of 2020 with 41 of the top producing teams across the US and Canada from a variety of brokerage brands. Last year, the platform closed more than $12 billion in sales volume, helping almost 14,000 homeowners, resulting in $55 million in residential real estate revenue. This caused Goldman Sachs to lead a series A investment of more than $100 million in PLACE, leading to a billion dollar valuation in 2021. This made PLACE one of the most highly valued prop tech companies in the country. In addition to PLACE, Chris leads a brokerage network which includes five offices with about 1000 agents, which sold more than $2 billion in real estate last year. Chris is passionate about coaching and speaking, and he leads a number of coaching and consulting programs through Xperience Growth Coaching. The most notable is his Xperiential MBA program, which is a year long mastermind program that focuses on building a big business while also living an experiential life.

"The quality of your life is a direct result of what you decide to make non-negotiable."

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