Glennda Baker - 1/20/2023

Glennda ranks in the top 1% of real estate agents nationally, leads an all-female team in Atlanta and has been featured as an industry expert in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. She's also a viral sensation with nearly 850,000 TikTok followers. In her posts, Glennda shares tips for homebuyers and sellers, coaches agents on how to be successful and advises on wealth building through investing in real estate. She's also appeared as an expert realtor on the HGTV program Designed to Sell and is a location liaison for ABC, CBS, HBO, Disney and Netflix.

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My business has continued to evolve because I have continued to evolve. I'm not stuck in my ways, and there is always an opportunity to learn. One of my secrets to success is the ability to pick and chose what successful agents are doing and Glenn-dify it.

When I started showing homes, I made sure to know all of the data about the house. That's what mattered. No one asked how long I had been working in the industry or how many houses I had sold. Nothing accelerates credibility faster than proof. You have to know more than what your customers know. Know the houses by the street AND the owner.

I am an everyday real estate agent. I am real, relatable, relevant and reliable. It is not about virality and vanity, it's about value and visibility. When a new client contacts me, I want to find out what prompted them to seek me out. To duplicate an action, you need to get granular and understand why they called you.

For success with video content, you have to time block and build a strategy. I shoot content once a month for 11 hours. If you don't plan out when you will shoot and post, it won't get done. You have to be consistent and intentional. You have to control the narrative of your community. Be granular and local about your business.

  • People come to you because you have information they cant find anywhere else online
  • People want to know you are real and that you believe what you say
  • People want reality, not scripted reality
  • People do business who they know like and trust (people like them)

Make a triangle with these three parts: where you work, where you live and where you spend the most time. Get to know all the houses in those areas, so that you can speak intelligently about those properties.

For video content ideas, keep a running form or a Google Sheet. Write down these three things as video ideas come to you: your idea, your inspiration and what do you want to say about this? Then when you film video content you have ideas readily available. See what your audience is engaging in and film more of this content.

Investment advice

As long as you don't put yourself in a position to have to sell, the property will always be worth more. If you want to get into investing, buy the worst house in best neighborhood. 

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