Glennda Baker - 2/20/2024

Glennda Baker ranks in the top 1% of real estate agents nationally, leads an all-female team in Atlanta and has been featured as an industry expert in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. She's also a viral sensation with nearly 900,000 TikTok followers. In her posts, Glennda shares tips for homebuyers and sellers, coaches agents on how to be successful and advises on wealth building through investing in real estate. She's also appeared as an expert realtor on the HGTV program Designed to Sell and is a location liaison for ABC, CBS, HBO, Disney and Netflix.

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Here are the daily affirmations Glennda starts her day with:

  • My name is Glennda Baker, and only amazing things happen to me.
  • My name is Glennda Baker, and I'm a woman of action.
  • My name is Glennda Baker, and people will know my name.

Jerimiah Taylor: How do you develop ideas for the content on your pages?

Glennda Baker: I keep a running form or a Google Sheet, and I write down these three things as video ideas come to me: my idea, my inspiration and what I want to say about this topic. Then, when I film video content, I have ideas readily available. I notice what my audience is engaging with and film more of that content. Another tactic is to look in various Facebook groups and keep tabs on what other agents are posting about. Then, you can create a video giving your perspective on this topic. Every transaction is different, and every client is different. For example, don't just post a picture of a house you sold. Create a video and tell a story about the process and the house itself. Video ideas:

  • Why did your clients choose you?
  • What was the process you took them through?
  • Where was the drama and the trauma?  

Keep all of these ideas tracked in a Google sheet.

JT: In last year's Master Class, you talked about how "it is not about virality and vanity, it's about value and visibility." Tell us more about what this means in terms of creating a social media brand.

GB: You have to provide value in the content you create. People are coming to you for content that they cannot find on Google. They are coming to you for intimate information that they can’t get from searching on a portal. Here are my three pillars of producing content that provides value:
  • What would you tell your best friend?
  • What would you tell your client?
  • What would you tell your therapist? 

Give the audience something to bite into, and give them an option to debunk real estate. If you're brand-new in the industry, ask your five closest friends what they want to know about the industry and what questions they have. Then make a video on this topic. The key to producing video content is to be real, relevant, relatable and reliable. You want to put out positive content that will inspire, impact and inform. You have to remember that you are not the star of the show; your content is the star of the show. It doesn't matter where you are or what you look like in your videos; the most important aspect is to provide value to your network.

JT: How long should a video be?

GB: The best-performing videos are between 53-73 seconds. Post on the platform that you feel most comfortable on.

JT: Tell us about your business card strategy.

GB: If you leave a business card at a showing, this opens up the likelihood that they will call you when the listing expires. It is the one piece of marketing that is highly underused and underrated. (Here's Glennda's strategy on how to use it.)

JT: What's your best career advice?

GB: Take action.

Glennda is launching a new business venture, Think Billion Dollar, with Danielle Garofalo and Gary Gold. In this course, Danielle will talk about the brand, Glennda will speak about the content/ distribution and Gary will talk about what to do when you get the listing appointment. These are the three critical pieces of being an amazing, successful, real estate agent. For more information on this course, email with the subject line "Billion Dollar."

Greatness With Glennda is your chance to learn, collaborate, and connect with Glennda to sharpen your skills, increase your reach, and achieve YOUR greatness. For more information on Greatness with Glennda, check out her page here

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