Greg Harrelson - 11/7/2023

Greg Harrelson is the founder and leader of some of the most productive Century 21 offices in the United States. With offices located throughout South and North Carolina, Greg has developed some of the top real estate talent in the country. He founded a coaching program, Agent Success Academy, where his focus is on developing top agents around the country. Many top agents have been coached by Greg. Greg's motto is "I develop talent and amplify wealth." 


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Conversion dictates the return we get from our investment. Here are some important phrases we should not use in our business: 

1. Non-responsive lead: There is no such thing as a non-responsive lead. Just because they're not responding to you, it doesn't mean they are not responding to your competition.

2. Non-engaged lead: There is no such thing as a non-engaged lead. If they're not responding to you, they're likely responding to your competition.

3. Dead lead: There's no such thing as a dead lead. A dead lead is only dead to you, but they are alive to someone else.


"For every lead that you've had success with, someone else failed with."


We need to track activity-based ratios as opposed to tracking skill-based ratios. Here are ratios that are not beneficial to our business to track:

1. Cost-per-lead ratio

2. Appointment-to-contract-written ratio

3. Contact-to-closing ratio


These ratios are beneficial to our business and deserve our focus:

1. Capture-to-contact-made ratio: How many leads came into your possession, and how many did you talk to?

How do you increase this? Make more attempts. Double dial the consumer. If you call them and they don't answer, call again. If they don't answer, then send a text. Then send an email. This is called DDT (double-dial-text). Before the end of the day, call them again. Then text them again. Then text, call and email them the following day. This is 9 attempts within the first 24 hours. By doing this, you increased your capture to contact by more than 100%.

2. Contact-to-appointment ratio: Remember why people are calling, and remember that you provide tremendous value to a consumer.

Give them what they want before asking for things that you want. This will lead you to get what you want. Focus on Connect, Set, Learn. When speaking to a new lead for the first time, you should ask them for an appointment in your first sentence to them. Here is an example script: "Hello ____,I see that you inquired about the property on XYZ Street. I'm curious - would you like to take a look at it sometime this afternoon, or is sometime tomorrow better? I'm going to contact the seller and confirm the time that works for you. Let me get with them, and I'll give you a call right back." 

3. Appointment-to-contract-written ratio: Buyers buy through the process of elimination, not through the process of selection.

While you're with the client showing them a home, use this script: "Hey ____, before we leave, I have to ask... Is this a property you could see yourself owning? Should I put this on the list to eliminate or should I keep it on the list of potential selection?" 


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