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  2. Working with referrals from Movoto

How to receive, claim/decline, and connect to Movoto Referrals

When a homebuyer or seller expresses interest in connecting with an agent in your area, our Customer Engagement Representatives will speak with the consumer to confirm they're ready to be connected.

Lead Text from Movoto

A text will then be sent to agents in the area with a prompt to review the referral.

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Referral Preview

When you view the referral preview screen, you will have a short time to review and either claim or decline the lead as quickly as possible. 

Frame 3362

Winning a referral & connecting to the consumer

If you claim the lead and win, you will receive the below screen with information on the homebuyer or seller, along with the Live Transfer script. Movoto's Customer Experience Representative will connect you to the consumer via live phone transfer or text. Make sure to stay near your phone so you don't miss the connection!

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