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How to record and update buyer offers and seller listings

You'll need to update a referral’s profile with property information whenever you take a listing or open escrow on a property. In the Movoto Agent Dashboard, select the Update button next to the client's name. On the update screen, choose the option appropriate to the update - either new listing agreement signed or buyer made an offer


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In the Buy Deal Opportunity menu, select a status from the initial dropdown. Selecting the appropriate status will prompt you to enter the required information. Notice how the options differ between Offer Made, on the bottom left, and Closed, on the bottom right. 


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Click Save to finalize the update. 

Make updates to the listing or offer activity at any time by returning to the client's profile and selecting Update, then Update Details on the specific deal opportunity.


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Keep in mind that once an offer is created, even if it was marked withdrawn or cancelled, it will still appear in the client’s profile. 


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