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How to service sellers interested in a cash offer

The best agents have multiple solutions available to their sellers. When you’re working with a seller interested in a cash offer, you should present cash offer options as well as other selling options. Below are options you should explore in your local market to prepare for working with sellers coming from Movoto.com.

  • For sellers looking for a cash offer:
    • Call your title rep and ask them: “Who’s the #1 cash buyer of properties in my market? Can you introduce me to them so that I can write offers on properties for them?”
    • Figure out the available iBuyers in your market and connect with them (ex. Offerpad, Opendoor, HomeLight)
      • Understand the different programs and what they offer 
        • Cash offer: A cash offer typically results in a quick, convenient closing because you don’t need to go through the process of listing your property. The tradeoff is that these offers come in lower than what the open market would bring. 
        • Cash + offer: This is offered by some of the next generation selling options in your market. Zoodealio.com is a great example of this.
  • For sellers interested in fixing up their home to list:
    • Have a network of people who can help you get their home ready
      • Stagers
      • Painters
      • Window washers
      • Contractors
      • Light installers
      • Landscapers
      • Roofers
    • Figure out which companies in your market help with fix-ups (ex: Flyhomes, Curbio, Thumbtack)

The key to providing sellers with optionality is preparation and presentation. You just learned how to prepare, so now let’s focus on your presentation. Below you’ll learn how to discuss this topic with sellers and what to present to them.

How to introduce yourself when you’re on the phone with a seller: 

“Hi, my name is [your full name]. I understand you are looking for some options on selling your property on [consumer’s address], that’s great. Help me understand what you’re looking to accomplish?” 

This opener is ideal because you want to start by learning what they want to accomplish rather than discussing their options without knowing their goals.

If the consumer says: ”I just want a cash offer and I want to know what you’ll buy my house for.”

Your response: “That’s great, I leverage a network of local investors to get you the best price. The next step is for me to come see the property, take some photos and get you some offers. I can come by today at 2 or would 4 be better?”

If the consumer says: “Great, that sounds good. 4 works for me”

The appointment is now set.

In preparation for the appointment, you should provide the seller with a range of potential selling prices if they were to put their house on the market. Additionally, offer another range of potential selling prices if they made some fix ups and then list it. Present all these options side by side, and the seller can decide which one is best for them.

Consumer rebuttals 

Below are some common rebuttals that you might hear and how you should respond to them. 

Rebuttal 1

The consumer: What are you? Are you an agent, investor, or something else?

Your response if you work with investors: “I’m a licensed real estate agent, but I also work with a network of investors. I just want to understand what you want to accomplish, so I can provide you with whatever solution fits your needs best.”

Your response if you are the investor: “I’m a licensed real estate agent and real estate investor. I just want to understand what you want to accomplish, so I can provide you with whatever solution fits your needs best.”

Rebuttal 2

The consumer: “I don’t want an agent. I just want to sell directly to an investor”

Your response: “Help me understand that, is that because you want to save the money that you would pay the agent?”

The consumer will probably say: “Yes, that’s right. I don’t want to pay commission and have to give the investor a discount”

Your response: “Let’s say you have two offers, one directly from an investor that nets you a certain amount of money, and another from an investor that I’ve secured for you, that makes you more money and gives you my professional representation, but I also get paid. Which would you take?”

The consumer's response: “I would take the one that pays me more”

Your response: “If you find a better offer than I can get you then I will no longer try to work with you”

Rebuttal 3

The consumer: I don’t want to sell my house, I just want to know what someone would be willing to pay”

Your response: “Help me understand why you’re trying to figure that out, like if I said I’d give you 10 million for your house, would you sell?”

Consumer response: “Well, if you gave me 10 million then I’d sell”

Your response: “Okay, got it, so there is some interest to sell and you’re just trying to figure out if I can get you the number that would make you sell”

If they are just curious and want to know how much their house is worth then sign them up for a homeowner tool like Digs by OJO, Homebot, or Market Snapshot. This will continuously track their house’s value and when they are ready to sell, they’ll come to you. 

Whether you're new to cash offers or an expert, our Seller Optionality Webinar catered to every skill level. Watch the recording to achieve maximum success with sellers looking for a cash offer.