Jeff Glover - 12/6/2023

Jeff Glover started his real estate career at the age of 19. With a strong focus on learning how to sell, prospecting and presenting, Jeff quickly became the top agent in his office. After selling 30 homes in his first year in the business, he was sought out by one of the largest firms in Michigan to manage one of their offices. After becoming the top recruiter two years in a row in that office, the 17-office firm with over 600 agents promoted Jeff to their Director of Training and Recruiting. After a few years in that role, Jeff started what is known today as Glover Agency. That team is now composed of over 40 agents selling over 1,000 homes a year. Jeff is known industry-wide as a top sales trainer and professional speaker. From his years of experience and trial and error, Jeff has learned the best practices for taking a real estate business from 0-100 homes sold, quickly and efficiently, and developing his own associates into top agents in their market. Jeff not only talks the talk, he also walks it, averaging 100 closings per year, personally, over the last 10+ years. In addition to selling Real Estate, Jeff enjoys coaching his Leadership Team and helping the local community through his non-profit foundation, Glover’s Heroes.

Jeff Glover

Five key tactics to have constant, positive production:

1. We must have a bulletproof mindset filled with emotional resilience

a. Stop reading negative threads and engaging in negative conversations

b. Listen to one podcast per day moving forward

c. Change who you spend your time with (remove negativity)

d. Don't be attached to the outcome

e. Read 1-2 pages from a self-help book per day

f. Join or create a mindset group

2. Sales skills will be your number one asset in the new market

a. Ask great questions in a methodical order

b. Actively listen to the answers your clients give

c. Go 2-3 questions deep within the questions that are already on the scripts (to build more rapport)

*NOTE: People make decisions on who they are going to hire based on how you make them feel (you make them feel a certain way by what you say).


a. Common objection: "We want to wait for rates to go down."

  • Response 1: "What happens if you wait and rates go up?" (Explain what happened to buyers in 2022 who said this same thing)
  • Response 2: "You're the (7th) person this week to tell me that this week/today. Can I tell you why that concerns me? What do you think will happen to demand when this happens?" (Explain what happened in the 2021 market)
  • Response 3: "Would you rather buy now when prices are fair and refinance later, or wait with everyone else? You can always refinance a mortgage, but you cannot re-negotiate a purchase price?"


  • Response 1: "Were you aware that days on market is the enemy to your home's value? Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. (Ask your seller: "When you bought this house, what were some questions you had before you wrote your offer?")

3. Presentation skills (online and social media)

4. Social media and video

a. Everyone should have a very important client facebook group (everything you do is driving them to join it)

b.  Make one video per week, minimum, if you want to stand out (hamburger vs. hotdog social media strategy and taco selfies)

c. Get good at writing copy, and practice writing copy 30 minutes per day

*NOTE: People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.

5. Build your database

a. When is the last time you did a database audit? How many people are in your past client and sphere of influence database?

b. If you add 1 person per day x 250 working days, that's 1,000 new people to your database in 4 years.

c. Add value to the people already in your database. 

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