Jeff Pfitzer - 8/28/2023

Jeff Pfitzer has become a video & social media expert through his execution & results. He is a Regional VP at USA Mortgage, where his primary role is business development through coaching, teaching, and hosting industry events to bring value to the real estate industry with the goal of elevating brands through video & social. This expertise has led to the co-founding of several platforms: Drunk on Social, Business Video School, and Real Estate Mastery Pros. His passion for these strategies has resulted in 5x growth in the mortgage business, multiple partnerships in the real estate business, and a steady stream of opportunities consistently being presented. Jeff is the host of the Lab Coat Agents podcast and co-hosts the Social Genius podcast with Tristan Ahumada. He consults and collaborates with numerous real estate industry companies and was labeled as a Top 30 Video Influencer across the USA & Canada by BombBomb.

TLF_6669 (1)

1. Evolve your brand or go extinct.

2. When it comes to defining your pillars of content on social media, it's going to take time of "throwing things at a wall and seeing what sticks."

3. Dominate at least two platforms.

4. Know your audience, and give them what they want.

5. Look at yourself as the local aggregator of what’s going on in your community, and post about it.

6. The first thing you should do is write down who you are and what you are doing on a daily basis. Then, start documenting them more often. The social media algorithm needs to know who you are in order to find your audience.

7. Get in the practice of sharing your daily life.

8. Be an explorer, and be ok with failing.