Jesse Stein - 05/26/2022

"Digital Marketing Success Formula for Real Estate Agents"

Sales Funnel: Awareness > Consideration > Purchase/Repeat Purchase

Sales Formula: Usefulness > Consistency > Trust > Cash

  • Content that helps is always better than content that sells.
  • Being consistently useful to your farm and sphere breeds trust and trust breeds cash.

Content is not King - Usefulness is King!

  • Only 1 in 4 posts should be promotional. The other 3 should be educational.

7 Digital Marketing Hacks – Unconventional, Reliable, Effective Shortcuts for Driving Business

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator + Octopus CRM = Automates LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredible opportunity, but you need to automate it in order to scale. Top producers use LinkedIn to network for the most robust organic reach where everyone sees your content in their feed through shared connections.

The key is to post 1000-1200 word articles that are useful and don’t try to sell people at the end. Just post the content to be useful. It will stay on feeds for days/weeks unlike Instagram and Facebook.

Upgrade to LinkedIn Sales Navigator ** Highly Recommend** $150/mo. You can narrow down to any audience. Filter by company headcount, title, location, etc. and get those individuals contact information.

Download Octopus CRM - $15/mo. – Open up the profiles you’ve selected In LinkedIn Sales Navigator and send them to Octopus CRM. Once they have uploaded you can directly add them to your contacts in LinkedIn and connect with them.

2. Emotion, Logic, Urgency

Stay in Touch: keeping in touch with people builds deep relationships.

Emotional Buyers: These are impulsive buyers. The first 1/3 of your email and/or landing page should be promotional and geared toward these customers. Appeal to their emotion.

Logical Buyers: Middle part of your email/landing page – specs, transaction data, market information, your awards, etc.

Urgent Buyers:  Last part - create urgency. Emphasize scarcity. Tell them why they need to buy and why they need to buy right now.

3. “People Also Ask” Section of Google

When you google and get search results, move farther down the page to the “People Also Ask ” section. This is where Google’s algorithm decides what are the most frequent and relevant questions being asked based on your search query. If you google your local market (ex. Scottsdale real estate) the most frequently asked questions will populate which will provide you with the questions and answers you should provide your customers.


  1. Create a spreadsheet.
  2. In column A copy/paste the question from the People also Ask section
  3. In Column B copy/paste the answer provided.
  4. In Column C copy/paste the original search phrase you used
  5. In Column D copy/paste the actual URL it takes you to.

Now you have all the most commonly asked/answered questions re: your market located in 1 spreadsheet.


  1. Go to or and hire someone to reword all the questions on your spreadsheet (approx. $1-$2 an answer to hire someone).
  2. is a resource where you can find skilled contractors in all areas of expertise (writers, web designers, SEO, graphic designers, etc.) Make sure they have 1000+ hours on the platform, at least a 95% or better job completion rating, and respond within 24 hours.
  3. Have every answer re-worded twice.
  4. Go to and post the questions and answers. These will get picked up by Google – it is a backdoor into Google. Now when people search Google with a similar search phrase, your questions and answers will come up with your name associated with them.
  5. Google loves FAQ’s. If you have your own website, then post these questions and answers as an FAQ on your website and Google will pick it up in search results.

4. Sphere Nurture

Utilize sphere nurture scripts (attached in email) from Chris Heller.

5. – AI Based Transcription

Have anything transcribed that is recorded and play it back. For ex. paste a YouTube URL and it will come back to you with the transcription which you can also play back. You can even transcribe your own notes or transcribe the content on other agents’ sites and rescript it in your own words.

6. Instagram Places

  1. Log into Instagram and type in an area you want to farm and search using the magnifying glass.
  2. Tap on Places.
  3. Tap on the map marker (the red dot) on the map.
  4. The people that show up are the micro-influencers in Austin – the most engaged people in your area.
  5. Comment on some of these people’s posts daily. These people have a larger reach.
  6. Next, use a tool called “Text Replacement” on your phone.
  7. Go to Setting on your phone
  8. Go to General
  9.   Go to Keyboard
  10. Go to Text Replacement – here you can create shortcuts for phrases, links, etc. that you use frequently. You can use these for texts, emails, or posts on social media.

7. – Robotic Handwritten Notes at Scale

Handwritten notes get 8X the response of printed notes/postcards. You absolutely need to be sending handwritten notes to clients or potential clients. Creates a warm audience.

Use a company that can do it at scale to make it easier and more efficient. will also precision target your farm using their database.


Links to find correct email addresses for customers:

How to keep your emails from going to spam:

oAvoid using fancy templates to keep your emails from getting blocked or sent to spam. Use as much text as possible and avoid exclamation marks, questions marks and too many superlatives.