Live transfer script

"Hi, my name is (agent name), and I’m a top local agent right here in (city name). I understand you’re looking to (insert consumer request). I’d be happy to assist with that. When is the best time for us to meet in person?"

(If 'yes')

"Ok great! I look forward to meeting with you. Before I see you tomorrow at (time), I do need to check with the seller and make sure that this works for them. Also, a lot of times when I talk to people, they’ll want to go see one or two other homes in the area since we will be out touring anyway. Can you help me understand a little bit more about what drew you to this property or this area? While I’m doing that, can you help me understand a little more about what drew you to that property? Are there any other properties you are interested in? Ok, (name), here’s what’s going to happen next. (Note: at this time, you will repeat back to the client what their interests are to confirm these with them.) Now what I’m going to do is talk to the seller on the property you’re interested in. I’m going to coordinate a showing for tomorrow at (client’s requested time). If that doesn’t work for whatever reason, I will let you know. Then I’m also going to see if I have any off-market properties or other properties that I think could be of interest to you in that area. In the next couple of hours, I’m going to send you a text, confirm when and where we are meeting, and we’ll go from there. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow."

(If 'no')

"Ok, let’s do a video tour instead. When’s a good time for a video meeting?"

(If 'We are just browsing around/ not really ready to start looking in person')

"That’s great. When you submitted the request on with an inquiry on this property, what were you hoping to learn? Is there a question you want answered, or how can I help?"

Call scorecard - May 2024