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Never received a text from Movoto

If you've never received a text message from Movoto, it is likely due to short code text messages not being enabled on your mobile phone account. In order to turn these messages on, you will need to contact your wireless phone provider’s customer support team.

We’ve gathered the customer support phone numbers for the top providers below:

T-Mobile– (800) 937-8997

Verizon– (800) 922-0204

AT&T– (800) 331-0500

Sprint/Nextel– (800) 639-6111

Tracfone– (800) 323-2366

MetroPCS– (888) 863-8768

Clearwire– (888) 253-2794

U.S. Cellular– (888) 944-9400

Cricket– (866) 384-4425

Simple Mobile– (877) 878-7908

If you continue to have an issue after enabling short code messages, please reach out to Movoto support - 866-973-1703 or support@movoto.com