Nikki Miller - 5/31/2023

Nikki Miller is the Founder and CEO of The LEAD Syndicate, a first of its kind leverage platform exclusively optimized for individual real estate agents operating in more than 125 locations across 24 states. Nikki's passion for real estate agents' success is evident in everything she touches, from the ideation of The LEAD Syndicate to the countless free resources she provides, to the many real estate events you can see her training at throughout the year.


Nobody is exempt from having limiting beliefs. We can't solve our problems with the same framework of thinking that we used to create the problems. We have to learn to think and behave differently. These questions will help you break out of a limiting mindset:

1. What action am I avoiding by making this more complicated than it actually is?

Success is very simple, and we overcomplicate it. As a result, we stop trusting ourselves to make the right decisions. The right action forward is not the easiest. It's usually the most challenging action. Ask yourself -- what should I be doing that I'm not doing right now?

2. What am I resisting because it’s hard or uncomfortable that will ultimately cost me in the future?

If we want to achieve success, we have to understand that success is the ultimate rebellion because the world is not designed for us to succeed. Get laser-focused on what matters to you.

3. What is one activity that I know if I did it consistently I'm certain it would transform my personal and/or business life?

Consistency is the most underrated pathway to success. Doing the work is the pathway to success, and doing it consistently will manifest the results you want to see. Strategy sets our ceiling, but effort sets our floor.

4. What do I know to be true that I haven’t mustered up the courage to admit?

This can be a challenge in business or a relationship.

5. Where has my personal growth put a ceiling on my business and success?

Personal challenges will manifest in the business as well. You have to be more effective at leading yourself. You have to grow your ceiling in order for your personal and business success to exceed it. Ask yourself -- where are my limiting beliefs caging my business?

6. What would I do even if I knew I was going to fail?

Be willing to fail. Ask yourself -- do I have the courage to do this and fail? We need more courage. We don’t need more brilliance, but we do need more courage to fail.

7. What would I do if I knew success was guaranteed?

Ask yourself -- what avenue would I take? The law of success and compound interest says that we can grow and compound upward, but we can also grow and compound downward. Success is almost guaranteed if we do something for long enough.

8. What habit, if formed or unformed, would drastically change my life?

Do a yearly audit of all habits. We are an accumulation of all of our habits. What are we doing day-in and day-out that is helping us move toward our goals?

9. Why am I uniquely suited to achieve the goals and dreams I have?

Success and failure are just two sides of the pendulum. There are always two sides to the coin. Dreams won't be bestowed upon us unless we have the DNA to achieve them.

10. In what way do I know the world is conspiring for my success?

I know the world was conspiring for my success and for my betterment. This doesn't mean it always feels good in the moment, but we can count the coincidences and the people we've met that ended up being for our betterment.

11. Based on my answers, what action do I need to take today?

One of the best ways to remove limiting beliefs is to act against them and oppose them. Break out of the cage and into the wild. Action cures fear, and that's what limiting beliefs are. Time is going to pass regardless, so we might as well spend it in pursuit of our goals. Action is the only path forward. A big life never promised to be an easy one. Your dream life is not going to interrupt you -- you will have to find it, build it and craft it. This life is not intended to be a passive experience -- it's a call to action.

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