1. Movoto Pro+
  2. Working with referrals from Movoto

Notifications about existing client requests on our search platform, Movoto.com

Movoto agents meet consumers on Movoto (Movoto.com), our home search platform. Consumers request to meet an Movoto agent on Movoto.com, and then we connect you with them. Sometimes, consumers will continue looking at properties on Movoto even after they've been connected to an Movoto Select Network agent. 

When one of your Movoto existing buyer referrals submits a request on Movoto.com for one of the following actions, you will receive an email notification: 

  • Receive more information about a property
  • See similar homes
  • Schedule a tour
  • Start an offer
  • Request disclosures



The email notification will include any relevant, available information. Depending on the request, you may receive the property address, additional information provided by the buyer, and contact information so that you can quickly follow up with your client. You can also reply to the email directly to contact your client.

These emails are sent from clientsubmission@email.ojorealestateagent.com. If you don’t receive any, it may mean your clients haven’t submitted any requests, but we recommend checking your Spam folder periodically to make sure they haven’t been blocked and reviewing your email settings to ensure that you're able to receive communications from Movoto