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September 2021 Updates: Relationship Confirmation, Agent Stats, Change to Update Requirements

Here are some updates and changes from September 2021 to help you and your homebuyers and sellers find success in the OJO Select Network. 

Confirm relationships within first seven days to receive more leads

After you’re introduced to a lead, we want to know within the first seven days of introduction whether or not you will be working with them. During that seven day period, you should: 

  • Contact the client and learn about their needs and timeline.
  • Know if they are a good match for your service area and budget.
  • Understand if you are able to help them now or nurture them. 


Once you know this information, you can confirm:

  • “Yes”:  You can work with the client now or nurture them. 
  • “No - release the lead”: This means you cannot work with them or nurture them. It will remove the client from your dashboard.
  • “Haven’t reached yet”.

There will also be a countdown under a new referral’s name in your OJO Agent Dashboard that indicates how long you have to confirm the relationship.


New: Longer Status Update Periods

We’ve heard your feedback about referral status updates and are extending the update period. You’ll now be required to provide an update at least once per month for referrals you’ve confirmed you’re working with. 

An “Update” button will appear next to the referral’s name in your OJO Agent Dashboard when an update is needed. A countdown will also appear under their name. If an update isn’t provided by the end of the countdown, the referral will be marked “Inactive”, and we may contact the client to see if they need to be assigned to a new agent. 


Track and improve performance with Agent Stats

You can now track your performance in the OJO Agent Dashboard. Under Settings, you’ll see a new tab that says “My Stats”. We will add new metrics to this tab over time to provide you with the most transparency possible. 

When you click “Learn More”, you’ll see more information about how we calculate performance, as well as tips for how you can improve. You can also reach out to OJO Support if you would like to discuss these stats in more detail.