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Stump the Script Master - 3/1/24

Round four of our Stump the Script Master with Jeff Glover, Davonte Moore, Dylan Duckworth and Justin Ford can be found here. We've included timestamps for specific parts below:


8:40 "Interest rates are too high; I want to wait"

16:53 "I already have an agent"

24:07 "I'm going to wait for the market to crash and prices to come down"

28:00 How to re-engage buyers who have given up

31:27 How to build rapport with internet leads

33:20 "The house I’m interested in has already sold"

34:24 How to re-engage clients who are not responding

38:22 "I want to sell, but I want to wait until spring"

43:20 "I don't want to lose my current interest rate"

50:25 How to ask for referrals

56:30 Free resources with the Glover U app

57:15 Live Prospecting with Jeff Glover

59:30 Live Unreal Retreat 2024


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