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Stump the Script Master - 9/13/2023

Round three of our Stump the Script Master with Craig Reger, Ashley Force, Rustan Tongg and Josh Cooley can be found here. We've included timestamps for specific parts below:


7:50 "Interest rates are too high; I want to wait"

17:23 How to re-engage old leads

25:30 The key to a successful first call

42:00 "The house I’m interested in has already sold"

45:06 "I don't want to lose my current interest rate"

47:20 "I want a cash offer on my home"

50:30 "I want to talk to the listing agent"

52:50 "I already have an agent"

56:18 "I'm not pre-qualified, but I want to see a home"

58:47 What to say in a voicemail to a consumer


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