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How we introduce you to sellers interested in cash offers

We’re now introducing you to consumers interested in a cash offer on their property. These consumers clicked “Request Cash Offer” on our consumer search portal, Movoto.com, and are ready to be matched with someone who can help. 

Here’s what the consumer sees:

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When a seller is on the phone with an Movoto rep before you are connected, the rep will say “I will connect you with someone ready to assist you in securing a cash offer.” This conveys to the consumer that you have the expertise to effectively guide them through the process of getting a cash offer. The most effective agents will bring multiple selling options to the consumer.

Sellers will likely fall into one of four categories: 

  • Curious Carol: Wants to know what someone would pay for home, but not highly motivated. May require nurturing
  • Fix-Up Felix: Home in need of major repairs that can be handled by selling to an investor who can fix and resell or by seller fixing and listing with agent
  • Hurry-Up Harry: Home in ready condition, but seller’s scenario requires cash now
  • Traditional Tracy: Looking at cash offers, but once sees the numbers, wants to go the traditional listing route

You’ll know when a seller is interested in a cash offer by the distinctive ‘Cash Offer’ icon displayed in the lead offer text and screen, the lead awarded email, and in the consumer record within the dashboard.

What you, the agent, will see: 

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To effectively help this consumer, be prepared to present a cash offer and support them in understanding all their selling options.

These options should also include:

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Whether you're new to cash offers or an expert, our Seller Optionality Webinar catered to every skill level. Watch the recording to achieve maximum success with sellers looking for a cash offer.