Tristan Ahumada - 7/20/2023



Tristan Ahumada became Rookie of the Year at Century 21 at age twenty-four, his first year in the real estate business. He is now in the top 1% of all real estate agents in the U.S. Tristan also created LabCoat Agents in 2014 as a Facebook group and has grown the popular social media page to more than 137,000k+ members. He is the CEO and founder of A Brilliant Tribe, an online community builder and social media strategy company. Tristan strives to help people throughout the world as a Fortune 500 consultant, leadership and growth coach, and a People editor for Success Magazine.


What is the HOP method?

How is your brand meeting your core sphere at home, and how often? Be unique, don't mention real estate. Your sphere already knows that you're in real estate. At the end of the day, it's how you make people feel. Make them feel that you actually care. Meet them at home.

Home: postcard, handwritten letter
Online: retargeting, texting, calling, social media, reviews
Person: events, lunch, meetings

Four out of five top visited sites are social media sites (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). This tells you where the consumer is. Now you have to determine where you are.


What is LCM?




  • Like, comment and message without bringing up real estate or business. Treat Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as a business. Connect with people and create relationships.
  • Use the Facebook business page for your company and for ads. Primarily use your personal Facebook to connect with people.
  • Show up as you are and don't overthink things. Show what you do with your kids, with your family and with your partner.
  • Download a database on your phone, use social media, and don't be scared to call people.
  • Hang around the right people who make you feel like you need to do more.
  • How can you be more authentic and deeper? Go deeper on their social media to see what's important to them.

Real estate is a relationship business, and people have to feel like you actually want to help them. Make them feel like you are helping them. Don't immediately ask if someone is pre-approved.


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