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When and how to stop working with an Movoto referral

We understand there are going to be times that you will not continue working with a customer. When this happens, you may indicate it on your dashboard so that we can follow up accordingly. Doing so will move the consumer from your Active referral list to your Inactive referral list. 

An important note: Not all Movoto referrals will be ready to buy or sell immediately, and many clients may require nurturing. We expect that Movoto agents will nurture customers and keep them in their pipeline. A client not being ready to buy or sell is not a reason to stop working together. 

When and How to Stop Working with an Movoto Lead

1. Log into your Movoto Agent Dashboard at https://referrals.ojo.me

2. Click Update next to the referral's name.

3. Click I'm no longer working with this referral.

4. Select the reason you are releasing the lead from the list below:

when and how to release an ojo lead

The following are reasons to release a lead back to Movoto:

  1. Unresponsive - You cannot get in touch with the customer after trying various forms of communication over a period of time (preferably at least 4 weeks).
  2. Already has an agent - The customer decided to commit to another agent.
  3. Poor credit - The customer will be unable to get pre-approved/approved for a loan for a long period of time.
  4. Wrong service area- The customer decided to move their home search to an area that you do not service.
  5. Wasn't interested - The customer decides they're not ready to purchase or are going to continue to rent.

If you indicate that you're no longer working with a referral, our team will then get to work on nurturing this lead further, reassign, or work to get them back to being responsive. Please only stop working with a lead if you know you will not be able to work with them now or nurture them towards a future transaction.