Requesting, Inputting or Bulk Uploading Client Reviews

Use these simple steps to get more reviews on your Movoto Profile from current or past clients.

How To's Quick Tips Reviews

Mobile App Option:

  • Click on the “More” option at the bottom navigation. 
  • Click on your profile image and then you will see “Reviews”. 
  • Option One, click "Publish Reviews” to manually add reviews one at a time.
  • Option Two, click "Request New Reviews” to email your past clients to leave a review directly on your profile.

Desktop Option:

  • Click on the “Profile” on the left-hand navigation. 
  • There you will see the “Reviews” section with a new option to upload reviews in bulk.
  • Click on “Upload Reviews” then “Download Sample Review CSV"
  • Open the Excel file and input your client information. 
  • NOTE: When inputting information, make sure there are no special characters as this will cause an error and the date is formatted as 07/05/2020