Uploading a professional profile photo and filling out your 'Agent Profile'

Your profile photo and some of your agent profile information is now viewable to your consumers on Movoto. This not only strengthens your virtual connection, but also fosters trust right from the beginning.

Follow these guidelines when choosing a profile photo:

  • You should be the only person in the photo
  • Your face should be front and center
  • The background should be solid
  • Wear something neutral and profession
  • There should be no logos (ISAs can use logo)

To upload a professional profile photo and complete your agent profile, follow the steps below.

1. Log into your Movoto Agent Dashboard
2. Click the menu on the top right

Group 7-2

3. Navigate to ‘My Profile’

Group 64

4. Click on the camera icon next to the person icon 

Group 17-1

5. Click on "Add Photo"

Group 19-1

6. Click on "My Files" and then "Browse" to find your photo.

Group 19-2

7. Choose your photo and adjust what part of the photo you want showing then click the blue bottom on the bottom right corner

Group 20

8. Click "Save Photo" and you should see your profile photo in your agent profile

Group 21

9. After adding a profile photo, make sure to fill out the rest of your profile by clicking on ‘My Agent Profile’

Group 64-1

10. Fill out the information in your profile, specifically your 'Agent Bio' so consumers can learn more about you

Group 23-1