Giselle Ugarte - 4/29/2024

Giselle Ugarte is an Online Performance Coach and top motivational speaker. She’s known for her programming designed to teach entrepreneurs, executives, and everyday people to have a healthy relationship with social media, develop unshakable confidence on video, and experience explosive growth. She’s made such a splash in the real estate industry that most recently she founded the first-ever real estate talent bureau the Talent Brokerage. She approaches marketing from the lens of personal development, humanizing the ways we show up in business, online and especially off, with time and energy setting tactics, captivating communication techniques and tangible boundary-setting tools.  With a collective following of over 500,000 followers, Giselle’s been recognized by TikTok as one of the Top 100 Women to Watch. She’s been featured in AdWeek, Business Insider, Forbes, and Social Media Examiner for her innovative work. Previously, she was a LIVE television and radio host, writer, and producer (Today, E!, Entertainment Tonight, ESPNU, and others). She’s a proud Latina and USC Trojan. She currently lives in Minneapolis with her long-haired chihuahua Penelope Cruz, and serves on the Junior Council of the American Ballet Theater and the World Games board for Special Olympics. 


The importance of establishing strong connections through authentic communication:

  • Understand the audience's perspective
  • Be comfortable with difficult conversations and using social media as a platform for humanizing yourself and building relationships
  • Break down complex topics into understandable terms and to create content around questions that the audience is asking
  • Key to success is to build trust and confidence through genuine and empathetic communication

The importance of creating content around common questions to improve confidence and provide value to potential clients:

  • Personalize content and provide context to make it relatable and engaging
  • Establish a personal brand and make a connection with the audience through various digital platforms
  • Prepare for client meetings by understanding needs and expectations

Authenticity, connection and human engagement in real estate:

  • Connect with clients on a personal level, to understand their needs and communicate effectively
  • Maintain confidence and integrity in all interactions, even in challenging situations
  • Establish yourself as a valuable educational resource in your clients' communities (beyond just their client transactions) to foster ongoing relationships and referrals

Creating engaging social media content and strategy:

  • Share personal experiences and emotions, as well as interests and hobbies outside of work
  • By showcasing your authentic self, it allows others to connect and find common ground
  • Balance personal and private information

Social media algorithms and content strategy:

  • Posts are no longer shown in chronological order, rather they are curated based on user interests and engagement
  • Create relevant, engaging content that resonates with your target audience


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