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How the lead offer queue works


When you and other agents claim a lead and enter the queue, the agent that is “best” fit to support the consumer will win the lead. Historically, you earned your spot in the queue based on your ability to claim the lead the fastest, but now other factors are being considered as well. 

What does “best” mean in this scenario? 

Best means the best match to the consumer’s stated needs, as determined by our proprietary algorithm. While this includes multiple factors, one that you should be particularly mindful of is performance, which you should continuously monitor through the agent dashboard.

You should always make timely updates, claim or decline any lead offers, and provide high-quality customer service to consumers. These behaviors will improve your odds of being the “best matched” agent in any given queue. 

How do agents claim leads? 

If you think you are a good fit for the lead, then promptly claim it. After, you will be added to the queue. 


It’s important to quickly claim a lead to enter the queue, but the first agent to claim will not necessarily receive preference. From the queue, you will be evaluated on your fit for the consumer and the best-matched agent will win the lead. 

What happens if you’re a new agent with no referrals?

There are still many ways to improve your performance without closing a deal. Always remember to accept or decline any lead offer presented to improve responsiveness. Your stats will never be affected by declining a lead, so it’s important to respond as quickly as possible.