"I want a cash offer on my home"

“Hey (consumer name), it’s (agent name) here in (city). I understand you are looking to sell your property and looking for some options. I’d love to help you with it; we buy houses all the time. When is a good time that I could come over, take a look at the property and give you a number that I think we could get to for you? I am an investor and licensed real estate agent. I also have a network of real estate investors that I work with as well. The way it works is like this this: I will come over, I will take a look at your property, and I’m going to give you a handful of options. One of those options is what I would buy your house for and what I think another investor might be willing to buy it for. Another option will be what you can get for your home if you list it on the market. My job is to help you get what you want and help you get the most money for your home.”

Clients who request a cash offer on their property will fall into one of these buckets:

  1. Client is motivated/ in a hurry and wants a cash offer: “That’s great, I help people like you all the time that just want to sell their home, and I make sure they maximize the value of that. When can I come see the house tomorrow so that I can help you get the cash offer?”
  2. Client is motivated (but more curious than motivated): “Yeah, I understand you’re curious about what somebody would pay in cash for your house. When’s a good time for me to come take a look at the property? I will give you my best estimate for what someone would pay in cash for it. I can actually even get that cash offer for you. When can I come over?"
  3. Client is not sure that they want to sell, but they are interested to know how much the house is worth: "Is there a number that if you got that number, you would actually sell the house? 
    (If 'no, I’m totally curious') 
    "Tell me about your house, and I’ll send you a comparable market analysis." 
    (If 'yes') 
    "Oh interesting! If you sold the house, where would you go? When’s the best time for me to come by so I can really understand the house and get the best idea of what it might sell for?"