Nikki Miller - 3/25/2024


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Nikki Miller is the Head of Agent Programs and Lever Platform and the former CEO and Founder of The Lead Syndicate, a first of its kind leverage platform exclusively optimized for individual real estate agents operating in over 125 locations across 24 states. With more than a decade in real estate as one of the industry’s most successful trainers, Miller brings deep expertise in training and systems development to Lever platform agents and all of Movoto’s agent programs.


“If you want different results, you have to behave differently.” 


Nikki's key takeaways:

1. Focus on the action, not the outcome

2. What's your plan?

3. Track your numbers; they tell a story

4. Be proactive, not reactive

5. Ask for the business

6. Practice your craft

7. The magic is in the follow-up

8. Make your business boring

9. Don't overestimate what it takes to be successful

10. Watch your money

11. Don't try to do it all solo


"Don’t build a goal list; build a different list!"