Movoto Agent Best Practices

The best Movoto agents are responsive, effective, and customer-focused. 

1. Reply to every Movoto lead offer quickly by claiming or declining. We encourage declining if the lead does not make sense for you, and declining does not hurt your performance. However, if you ignore or don't respond to lead offers, your lead volume may be impacted over time. 


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2. Always confirm whether or not you'll be working with a referral post-introduction. Let us know as quickly as you can within the first 7 days post-introduction if you plan to work with a client now or in the future. We recommend spending 7-10 minutes on the first call with a referral to do a needs analysis and understand if the customer is: 

  • Serious about buying/selling now or in the future
  • Within your service area
  • Responsive
  • Looking within your budget range

If you believe you can work with the client immediately or nurture them, you should click "Yes". If not, you should select "No", which will release the client from your list.


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3. Make updates to your referrals at least once per month. Your OJO Agent Dashboard will always alert you when an update is due on a referral with a blue button that says "Update" next to their name. Make sure to keep all your OJO referrals up-to-date so that our teams can best support you and your client. We recommend doing a review of your list at least weekly to make sure all your referrals have been updated.


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4. Track your performance. You can track your performance and get tips on how to improve in the Agent Stats section of your Movoto Agent Dashboard


5. Reach out to Movoto Support if you have need assistance with a referral, the Movoto Agent Dashboard, or have any questions about the program. 

  • Call 866-973-1703, available M-F from 9am - 5pm Central Time
  • Email Movoto Support at A team member will typically respond within 24 hours.