Receiving and winning more leads

Movoto prioritizes agents in the network who are responsive, effective, and focused on delivering a great customer experience. Below are some activities you can do to ensure you're being prioritized in the Movoto matching process. Remember, you can always check how you're doing under "Performance" in the Movoto Agent Dashboard

  1. Select Service Areas - Make sure you have service areas selected in the Movoto Agent Dashboard. To see your service areas, log in to and select "Settings" in the top right corner. Under "Coverage Areas", make sure that you have your service areas selected.

  2. Responding to Lead Offer Texts: Fast response to lead offer texts is crucial to winning a lead.  Make sure that you have saved a specific ringtone for our phone numbers so that you'll know when you're receiving a text from Movoto! Remember even if you're not claiming the lead, you should still review their information and select "Decline" so that we can improve our matching process!

  3. Providing Timely Updates - Be sure to provide updates on your Movoto referrals in your Movoto Dashboard at least once per month, and review them weekly to ensure everything is up-to-date. Having out-of-date referrals will negatively impact your lead volume over time.