1. Movoto Select Network
  2. Working with referrals from Movoto

Sellers seeking a cash or instant offer

Who are these leads? 

These are motivated seller leads connecting with Movoto and indicating that they are specifically seeking a cash or instant offer for their property. In turn, we will be matching these leads with agents who have the experience and resources to help these sellers and/or turn them into listings. 

These leads are expecting to work with an agent who can quickly get them a cash offer.
If you’re interested in receiving these leads, you need access to an investor network or iBuyers who can make cash offers instantly.

Movoto is not an iBuyer and will not provide the offers.  

Currently, these leads are only available in the following markets:

  • Dallas - Ft Worth TX
  • Philadelphia
  • Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne
  • Seattle-Tacoma
  • Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto
  • Raleigh-Durham
  • West Palm Beach - Ft. Pierce FL

How will I receive these leads?

As with other Movoto leads, you will be introduced either through a three-way phone call with an Movoto Customer Engagement Representative or via text. The only difference is that they will be expecting to work with an agent who can get them a cash or instant offer as soon as possible.