Updating a referral in the Movoto dashboard

When working with Movoto, we ask that you log into your Movoto Dashboard and provide us with updates about how your relationships are progressing with each client.

New referrals require an initial update within 1-week post-introduction.

After that, referrals require an update every 4 weeks. Notes do not qualify as updates.

Making an Update in the Movoto Agent Dashboard

If a customer is in need of an update, they will have a blue "Update" button to the right of their name after you log in. There will also be a countdown below their name, letting you know how long you have to provide a status update before the referral goes Inactive. Updates can be provided by clicking on the referral’s name and selecting “Update”, as well.


Click on the blue "Update" button.

The first screen asks if the client has any offer or listing activity that needs to be reported. 


No listing or offer activity 

If your client has not made any offers / signed a listing agreement yet, select "No listing or offer activity". You'll then select when you're planning to follow up next and report the client's latest status. 

This is where you also have the opportunity to let us know the customer is unresponsive, or you can release the lead.

If your client DOES have a listing agreement signed or has made an offer but there isn't any new activity, selecting "No listing or offer activity" is the only step. The following two screens won't appear for clients who are actively making offers or actively selling.


New listing agreement signed/buy offer made 

Report any NEW listings or buy offers by clicking one of these buttons. 


Choose the appropriate status from the dropdown and fill in the required information. 

Updates to current offers or listings 

Any current or closed offers or listings will appear in the first update screen. Click on "Update Details" to change the status or edit any information. 



Updating from the referral profile 

If you have an update to make for a referral but they don't have an Update button in the dashboard, you can click on their name to open their profile. In the top right corner, you'll see an "Update" button. 



  • All released leads no longer show in your profile, therefore do not need updating.
  • All leads that you have closed and selected Transaction Completed within the dashboard will fall into the Closed tab and will no longer need additional updates. However, if you're helping with buying and selling - you will need to make sure that both are marked as closed before it will move into the Closed tab.