How Movoto Uses Technology to Set Themselves Apart from Traditional Brokerages

Transitioning from traditional brokerages to a technology-enabled company like Movoto transformed my team’s business.

Testimonial Greater Los Angeles Movoto Agent JC Trujillo

It’s no secret how fast the real estate industry is changing thanks to technology. In my over 15 years as an agent, I have been with multiple brokerages—from small shops to big corporations—and have had the opportunity to learn about and experience all aspects of the changing real estate landscape.

Taking the Leap

After several years utilizing Movoto’s referral program, I was approached by a Movoto agent to join the Los Angeles brokerage team. The 100 percent commision split, free leads, and technological tools and support made it a no-brainer for my 10-person team I managed to join Movoto’s brokerage in mid-2019 and we haven’t looked back.

Joining Movoto was a game changer. My team had dedicated the last four years before transitioning to Movoto to improving our digital marketing, and it wasn’t an easy journey. Capturing and converting leads was a big challenge. Digital marketing is a complicated field—one that I haven’t seen many brokerages effectively grasp and execute for their agents. 

Powered by the Latest Technology

Seeing the latest tech tools and personal support Movoto provides, as well as how high their listings and agents score on Google searches is just amazing. People don’t seek out and call agents anymore—they rely on online searches to get connected to us. With Movoto, we have the opportunity to be visible to clients where they’re searching. 

Plus, Movoto has provided us with the client relationship tools, AI, marketing, and transaction coordination support to free up our agents’ time and budget and reinvest that into serving our clients. 

Exponential Growth

In the past, I sourced my leads from the database, open houses, and friends and past clients. But last year, a huge percentage of the leads that we closed were from Movoto, so we’re very excited with what we’re receiving. In just six months with Movoto, we closed five leads, with many more in the pipeline, and we are on track to double our closing rate by the end of our first year.

A lot of this growth can be attributed to Movoto’s business model, which has prioritized technology to make agents’ lives easier. We’re excited to share the opportunity we’ve found here with more people. 

Movoto is growing. It’s strong, the management and brokerage are amazing, and the team knows what’s going on in the world of real estate. In particular, the fellow agents who are getting into the company are helping one another a lot. The support we receive, the customer service, and the advanced technology has been unprecedented. 

Thank you to Movoto, the staff, the transaction coordinators and customer service--they all are amazing. I really appreciate their support. 

- JC Trujillo, Movoto Greater Los Angeles Agent