Turn off Android Battery Optimization

These are quick tips on how to use the Movoto platform features and tools to benefit you!

How To's Quick Tips Android

Android Only:

By implementing these settings, you will always get notifications as this allows the Movoto Agent app to work in the background properly, serving your new clients immediately.

  • From your Android App Drawer, find the Movoto Agent App.
  • Click and hold the app and select "App info".
  • Click "Advanced" to show the Battery section.
  • Click the Battery option, then "Battery optimization".
  • At the top, middle of the screen you will see a dropdown. Usually the default of "Not optimized" is selected.
  • Click "All apps".
  • Scroll through the apps until you find the Movoto Agent App.
  • Click, then select "Don't optimize".
  • Click "Done" and the back button until you are back to the home screen.