Platform Updates

Read below all the changelogs of the platform updates.

Movoto Agents App Updates

Version 4.0

Movoto Agent Assistant is smarter than ever, providing new tag recommendations, showing your daily tasks, and reminding you of clients that need attention. With the Movoto Agents App, you can better manage your client list, leading to faster transaction closings.

  • New Today View
    Reorganized navigation bar with a new "Today" view option showing you all items that need to be completed or addressed for that day.
  • Tag Management
    Ability to create custom tags to better organize your client list for faster, filtered client management views.

Version 3.8

  • Movoto Brokerage Agents Only
    - Accept rentals and leases as a referral option.
    - Update your client's email address if they have not created their Movoto account.
  • Movoto Profile Users Only
    Update your office address that displays in your profile. 
  • Better Tag Management
    Add up to 20 tags to client or details views to help find and manage your lists.
  • Social Sphere
    If your client list is empty, we have made it easier to directly share inventory and your profile.
  • New Client Connection Sound Notification
    Easily hear with new sound when you have new client connections.
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Version 3.6

Version 3.5

  • Sharing Function Enhancements When you share property or mapsearch pages directly from the app by clicking the "+" icon, the interested party who use the link will be greeted with your information on the site. This allows you 100% immediate visibility to those clients that click on your shared link, helping you to increase your marketing reach!
  • Listing Agent Information When you are assigned to a new client, if applicable, we now include the listing agents information so you can contact them directly if needed.
  • Native Communication Sharing Share information with others in your team like your preferred lender with client detail information using your devices native phone sharing features..

Version 3.4

  • Property Inventory See a quick property inventory count of your service area 
  • Easier Share Functions Share properties easier through your phones native operating systems share functions
  • Better client communication Communicate directly when your existing client submit a property request

Version 3.3

This is one of our largest updates yet! Read below for all the new features and enhancements that you can start using today!

  • Agent Assistant now gives you quick follow-up client options Now choose from Calling, Texting and Emailing. Your assistant even will suggest conversation starters, and adds your relevant signature information on the communication method you choose.  
  • Create Saved Searches for your client You have the ability to create saved searches for your client to keep them informed on properties that are available on the market.
  • Improved transaction history uploading We have now improved the previous property transactions uploading feature. When you upload your information through the mobile app or desktop, we showcase the information directly on your Movoto Profile. Haven’t finished your Movoto Profile? Click here and start uploading your transaction success today!
  • Add clients directly from your mobile devices contacts list For iOS and Android users, you can now easily add clients that are already stored in your contacts list. With a few clicks, you can import their Name, Email and Phone.
  • Movoto Agents Only: New exclusive real estate training content We are pleased to have partnered with Real Estate experts to share their wealth of industry experience to help you grow your business. Read and listen to Radio Shows, Podcasts and articles.
  • Claim your MLS istings on Have a new listing on the market? You can now claim MLS listings right on Movoto! By claiming, we feature your image, and brokerage information directly on the property page. We also give you access to such valuable information such as, number of property views, actions taken on the property, and how many property inquiries.

Version 3.0

The app continues to bring more metrics to help you keep track of your clients and listings! If you haven't already, click on the navigation bar to update today!

New changes include:

  • Movoto Listing Performance Statistics New fresh card design which allows you to monitor how many direct property views, who's interacted and the number of property inquiries on any of your Movoto Listings.
  • Agent Assistant is Smarter Shows the most important interactions you should complete for the day to keep your clients happiest through their home transaction.
  • Upload Client Reviews Upload individual customer reviews directly from the app.

Introducing the Movoto Gift Store

We are excited to partner with Knack Shop Gifts allowing you to purchase and provide your clients with custom gifts to help build your lasting personal connections. Direct link to the store is also in the navigation bar.


Version 2.7

We have released the newest Movoto Agent App and it is available for immediate download through Apple or Android app stores

New changes include:

  • Online branding traffic dashboard See how many people are viewing and interacting with your agent profile page.
  • Time-based client activity tracking Be able to view which clients you have interacted with in the last 7, 30, 60 or 90 day time period.
  • Faster performance Get the information you need through the app even faster with new performance enhancements.

Version 2.5

As a Movoto agent, you’ve unlocked a new world of marketing capabilities. All you need to do is keep your profile up to date—we’ll do the rest.

Update your agent profile to:

  • Include your profile picture to let the world see who you are.
  • Add a bio on yourself to let potential clients know you work hard to help with their buying or selling success. 
  • Highlight your areas of expertise to potential clients.

Quality Leads, Not Quantity Movoto thoroughly pre-screens each lead to ensure they are viable. Every contact you receive is a vetted client who is ready to buy or sell. No more unverified lead dumps that waste your time and don’t go anywhere.

Version 2.3

We have recently enhanced the Movoto Agent App 2.3 to include a better notifications process and uploading of documents during various stages of the property listing or client transaction.

  • Improved Notification Process New client summary screen before and after accepting the lead. This gives you better details of the property along with seeing any notes about the client during their initial screening call.
  • Document Uploading Now you can upload listing, tax, contract, and escrow documents directly from the app which then notifies the Transaction Coordinator immediately.

Version 2.2

New additional features have been added in version 2.2 of the agent app, allowing you to do your most frequent actions quickly.

  • New Persistent Quick Action Bar We've added a new persistent quick action item bar, allowing you to access your To-do's, Dashboard, Client List, new In-App Map and more.
  • New Notifications Design Click on the bell icon on the top right of the screen to see the new notifications. Then each notification allows direct access to complete your tasks.
  • New In-App Map View Lastly, the biggest feature, we've added directly in the app so you can view inventory, save searches, save homes and most importantly, share properties directly with your clients.

Version 2.1

Version 2.1 brings new features such as Todays To-Dos, property cards with additional client information, and best of all, search by MLS number to finalize an accepted contract.

  • Today's To-Do's: View all your day's tasks for all your clients.
  • Client Visibility: - If the client provided, new lead property cards will show you type, budget, time frame, credit score, and pre-qualification status. - When a contract is accepted, you can finalize property details with just the MLS number instead of redundantly inputting property information. Set the contract price after the MLS search and your done!

Version 2.0

We've improved the Movoto Agent App again, listening to what you wanted the most! Version 2.0 brings new features such as marking client progress, accept new clients and a new dashboard to see your referral client pipeline.

  • Client Management: - Client to close, clearly see how far you're clients are to closing a transaction - Now you can click on the client's status to view and mark their progress
  •  Accept New Movoto Clients: Have better control of when you want to receive your Movoto clients with a new easy on and off toggle
  • New Mobile Dashboard: A consolidated and actionable insights view of your Movoto Referred Clients