Using Email Templates to Build Better Brand Consistency

Use these simple steps to adhere to best practices that lead to your real estate success.

Best Practices Quick Tips Client Connections

The body of an effective email should align with the subject line (see Subject Lines that Command Attention), establish relevancy, be in the 2nd person, focus on benefits not features, be brief and call for action.  

Email templates can be set up as signatures in Outlook or other email programs. Just copy and paste each template into a separate signature. After you add the template signature to an email, just customize for your client. 

Use with Subject Lines to Set Up/Confirm a Viewing

  • The (address) home in (subdivision) screams (suggest a benefit of living there, e.g. short commute, more space and time for family). You should look before someone buys it. What about (suggest a time and date)? Call me at (your phone number) to confirm.
  • You can dare to have a different life. Let’s go look at (address). Do you want me to pick you up, or meet you at the property? Call me and tell me where and when. (your phone number)
  • Homeownership Kool-aid being served at (address). Owning a home in (subdivision) is all it’s cracked up to be. Do you want to meet at the house at (date and time) or (alternate date and lime)? Call me to confirm, or suggest another time. (your phone number)
  • You requested a viewing at (address), a favorite of mine too. Got to love (add a benefit, e.g. all those lazy days of summer shade trees). Are you available (day and time) or would another time be better? Call me at (your phone number)

Use with Subject Lines to Suggest Other Homes for Viewing

  • Did you miss this home, (address)? It stacks up well against your other favorites. You should take a look. I can pick you up at your house or you can meet me at the property. How does (day and time) sound? Call me to confirm or select an alternate time. (your phone number)
  • One of these properties (addresses) could be your new favorite. They’re available to show now. What about this (day and time), or would an alternate time work better? Call me at (your phone number). 
  • Mucho appeal at (address) so I nicknamed it “The Jalapeño House (or substitute another nickname to match the subject line).” Can you look at this one and some others nearby? I have time (name some days). Call me so we can set a time. (your phone number)
  • Picture grilled lobster tails on the patio (or substitute another image). Lifestyle appeal resonates at (address). There are others nearby that are worth the trip. Can you meet me at (address) on (day and time)? Call me to confirm or set up a more convenient time. (your phone number)

Use with Subject Lines to Add Value/Follow Up 

These templates can also be used with suggestions from 50 Reasons to Follow-up. Remember to always follow-up with a “Did you get what I sent you?” call or email. Adding value is a sure way to win your client’s loyalty and trust.  

  • You mentioned that (something of interest the client mentioned). Take a look at this (link to something related to the client’s interest), you may find it interesting. Call me if I can be of any assistance (your phone number). I’ll check back to make sure you got this.
  • Your interest in (subdivision) reminded me about (link to something about the subdivision or something nearby). You can expect I’ll stay in touch until you’re ready for (an agent or to look at property or questions about the process, etc.). Call me if I can be of any help. (your phone number)
  • The homes in your saved searches made me think of you would also like (another neighborhood or subdivision). Here’s a link to another area you should consider (include a link to something about the neighborhood, etc.). Count on me to support you behind the scenes. When you’re ready I’ll be there to assist you. Call me if you need anything. (your phone number)
  • I’m trying to become your real estate GO-TO person. You might find the information here very helpful (insert a link to something of interest). Let me know if you need any help finding suitable neighborhoods. I am always available at (your phone number).
  • Lifestyle and many (use an adjective that describes their favorites) amenities are compelling. Don’t forget that deducting the interest you pay in the mortgage is a benefit at tax time. (include a link about mortgage interest deductions). Count on me to stay in touch with you through the home buying process. Got any questions? I’m here when you are ready. (your phone number)
  • I have a free 20-minute buyer consultation to go over the home buying process. Plus, you might want to size me up in person. Let’s schedule a meet. I can come to your house or we can meet at my office or a property. Your choice, just call me to set up a convenient time. (your phone number)