Using Social Media to Increase your Real Estate Business

Felix Hung, a Los Angeles based Real Estate Agent and Coach shares key benefits of how Facebook and Instagram can influence your business.

Worst Case Scenarios

Movoto's own Michelle Nishide, from the Tad Kondo Group in Los Angeles, goes over some real estate worst-case scenarios to navigate those tough transactions.

Maximizing Time Management

Learn with Gary Carter, the steps of maximizing your time management and the techniques to develop a better work/life balance.

Create Winning Listings

Watch Movoto's own Tung Nguyen as he talks and show you the importance of creating winning listings that get buyers attention.

How To Post "Stop-Worthy" Content

Now that you're on social channels, what should you actually post for engagement? Shima Razipour, of the Kondo Group, powered by Movoto, shows us the importance of what to post for "stop-worthy" social posts.

Write Winning Offers

Gary Carter shows the importance of writing winning offers to help your real estate business succeed.

The Power of Instagram

Learn how to boost your business through the power of Social Media. Movoto's L.A. Coastal member, Shima Razipour, shows how you can utilize the FREE platform to engage with your sphere of influence to create opportunities.